A little story of the humans  behind the camera




I'm Alfonso since i was a kid i felt like the world was there to see, to explore, to touch, to discover; so now that's what i do, and what i truly love…Photographs.
My secret passion? Skateboard, yeah!! It was a big deal for me when i was a young Alfonso. My other love? Music, playing it, listening it and of course party with it.
Now, the thing that i enjoy the most it's a cup of coffee in the morning, taking my time to put some magic on when i'm editing, spending moments with the ones i love, with long conversations, good food, one or two beers… sometimes i little bit more.  :)

If you are wondering who is  that incredible and fashion  girl  in the  photo?  Let me introduce  you,  she is  Amelia, (actually you will hear a lot about her), while i get the chance to be creative, she runs everything else, (Thanks God!) she gives every couple time, patience and care; she is my other half (the one that talks so much more than me), my best friend (feel free to trust her hundred percent). Together, we make possible to know wonderful love stories, awesome couples and to be passionate about weddings.

Oh¡ well, to be honest, our team it's made of three master minds, this last one it's the lil one of the family, it's really flurry and even if you don't believe it, with his brown big eyes, silky ears and fantastic knowledge of fashion its capable, to close a deal. Agustus it's our little friend, he keeps us company all the time and we believe he is a real wedding lover like us (well at least of all the treats he gets of every trip we make).

So, this is us, our little story.

  • Nominated as photographer revelation in 2016 by Boda F.

  • One of the best 25 photographers in México by Frida Enamorada Blog in 2017.

  • One of the best photographers of 2018 by Frida Enamorada Blog.

  • One of the Best Wedding Photographers of 2018 by Lookslikefilm Blog.